The Boy Who Was Shanghaied

Raised by his father during the depression, author Angelo J. Kaltsos chronicles memories from his childhood through his adult years of traveling and work in The Boy Who Was Shanghaied.

After his mother left the family when he was just eighteen months old, he and his older sister were raised by their father. Later, they were the subjects of a custody battle when their father’s ability to take care of them adequately was challenged by child services and he lost the court case. The children spent a year in an institution, a foster home, and then returned to their father, ultimately running away at the ages of fourteen (Angelo) and sixteen (his sister) to find a better life.

In a series of short stories, he talks about the jobs he held prior and post WW II, then his travels after his army tour. The Boy Who Was Shanghaied is the true story of a young man who fought against very tough odds to build a successful life as an educator and researcher.

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