Of Bears, Mice, and Nails

Down a lonely, country road in the hinterlands of Maine’s western mountains, author Angelo Kaltsos found beauty in a camp called “West Branch.”


In Of Bears, Mice, and Nails, Kaltsos tells of discovering an old hunting camp built almost 100 years ago and of his efforts to refurbish the camp to make it his home.


Although he grew up and worked in large cities, nature called to Kaltsos. It lured him to woods, parks, and the outdoors. For more than thirty years he has made his home in a small cabin near the Appalachian Trail. Kaltsos first spied the property with spectacular views in 1967; he rented a home prior to purchasing the camp in 1978.

In this book, he describes his simplistic lifestyle with no indoor bathroom, no electricity, no generator, no solar panels, no telephone, and no television. He’s gained knowledge of carpentry and agriculture, and learned to plant and care for trees, vegetables, flowers, grapes, and berries. His story includes excerpts of comments left by visitors in his outhouse guestbook who describe the wonders of spending time in a rustic, quiet, and magical place.

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